Meet Pennsylvania Moms: Amy Brown and Robin Emswiler


Amy Brown met Robin Emswiler when they lived on an Army Base in Washington State. Amy was the pre-school teacher for Robin’s daughter, and the pair quickly fell in love.

They joined together as a family soon after, and Amy moved to Pennsylvania, where Robin is from, to be with her. Amy has two sons, Jessie and Clayton, while Robin has two daughters, Alexis and Maddie.

Both Robin and Amy consider being a mom is the best thing in the world. Though motherhood has its ups and downs, Robin and Amy have always prioritized keeping their family close and protected.

They know that they only way to truly protect their children is through marriage. Since Pennsylvania does not have the freedom to marry, Robin and Amy are treated as legal strangers–an unable to protect all of their children.

Despite their legal marriage that was held in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania does not treated them as wife and wife. Our state does not recognize legal marriages performed out of state, so Robin and Amy are still seen as legal strangers.

“Sometimes look at other couples who don’t even get along and have to realize ours family is not recognized even though we love each other so and have really built a great family,” Robin said. “Its not fair to my family or to us. We’ve worked hard to put this family together, and our children are still at risk. As mother’s, all we want is to see our kids protected and safe. Just because we are a same-sex couples, we cannot be the parents we want to be.”

Amy Brown and Robin Emswiler are mothers of four and run a daycare center.

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