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Meet Pennsylvania Moms: Denise Parke and Olivia Walters

When I met Denise in 2006, I knew right away it was love. But it wasn’t long after we met that Denise, a member of the Pennsylvania National Guard, left for basic training. It was tough, knowing I couldn’t be near the person I was falling in love. But we wrote letters to each other constantly—and despite the distance, it was during that time that I felt that I grew closer to Denise than ever.

Meet Pennsylvania Moms: Amy Brown and Robin Emswiler

Amy Brown met Robin Emswiler when they lived on an Army Base in Washington State. Amy was the pre-school teacher for Robin’s daughter, and the pair quickly fell in love.

Meet Pennsylvania Moms: Julie Miller

This Mother's Day will be a completely different one for me. I am the doting, proud, grandmother of 4 exquisite, fantastic, brilliant, kids. Last year at this time I had three from my son and daughter-in-law and was awaiting the birth of our fourth. Everything changed when darling Zivah was born to my daughter and her wife.

Pennsylvanians for Freedom: Rabbi Jill L. Maderer

Rabbi Jill L. Maderer serves at the Congregation of Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia and is a vocal advocate for the freedom to marry. Rabbi Maderer strongly believes in equal rights and justice for all, and is teaching others to love and respect one another at her Congregation.

Meet Pennsylvania Families: Dara Raspberry and Helena Miller

Helena, 40, and Dara, 43, moved from New York to Philadelphia in the fall of 2011 because they were hoping to have children and wanted to be closer to their families. Helena and Dara's dream to start a family came true on May 28, 2013, when Helena gave birth to their daughter, Zivah.

Meet Pennsylvania Families: Sandy Ferlanie and Christine Donato

Sandy Ferlanie, 45, and Christine Donato, 44, have been together in a committed relationship for 17 years. Christine has lived in Pennsylvania her entire life, and Sandy has lived in Pennsylvania since she was 11. Sandy is a trained nurse and works on drug safety at a pharmaceutical company, and Christine is a consultant for pharmaceutical companies.

Meet Pennsylvania Families: Ed Hill and David Palmer

Born and bred Pennsylvanians, Ed, 67, grew up near Pittsburgh and David, 65, grew up outside of Wilkes-Barre in Trucksville. They've been together for almost 25 years and are planning a big party to celebrate their silver anniversary soon.

Pennsylvanians for Freedom: Chelsa Wagner

My name is Chelsa Wagner. I serve as the Allegheny County Controller and previously served 3 terms in the PA State House. I was raised in the South Pittsburgh neighborhood of Beechview, but recently relocated to the city's North Point Breeze neighborhood.

Meet Pennsylvania Families: Glenn and Michael Wascovich

When Michael Wascovich and Glenn Crook got engaged while both were still in college, their friends and family members asked if they were sure it was the right thing to do: Were they really in love? Were they ready to make such a big commitment when they were so young? Shouldn't they wait a little longer?

Pennsylvanians for Freedom: Representative Michael Schlossberg

Michael Schlossberg is a State Representative from Pennsylvania’s 132nd District. Rep. Schlossberg resides in Allentown, PA, with his wife and two children.