Meet Pennsylvania Families: Deb and Susan Whitewood

Deb and Susan WhitewoodDeb and Susan live in Bridgeville with their three children, one dog and two cats. Together for 22 years, Deb is a stay-at-home mom, and Susan works as an executive at BNY Mellon.

“Susan and I feel that we are enormously blessed to have found each other,” Deb said. “We each had the same goals in life, and continue to do so.”

Deb, 45, and Susan, 49, have two daughters, 16-year-old Abbey and Katie, 15. They also have a two-year-old son, Landon, whom they adopted from the foster care system in November 2012. Deb and Susan’s lives are centered around their children — and there’s nothing more important to them then spending time together as a family and being active in their children’s school life is important to Deb and Susan. Deb is the on the executive board of the band boosters, secretary for the volleyball boosters, and all-around “go to person” when any of the teachers need something at school. Susan has coached the girls’ volleyball and softball teams.

Faith is very important to the whole Whitewood family and they are all heavily involved in their church. Deb is the president of the Altar Guild and the girls sing in the church choir.

Whitewoods together

Honoring their faith traditions, Deb and Susan had a Holy Union ceremony at their church in 1993. And now, they want to marry and be recognized as a married couple in their home state.

“We are committed to our family and each other, and we want our home state of Pennsylvania to respect our marriage,” Susan said. “Protecting our family is our main priority, and it’s time for Pennsylvania to move marriage forward for same-sex couples so we can do just that.”

“Abbey and Katie grew up assuming Susan and I were married. As they got older and came to learn that we were not allowed to marry in Pennsylvania, both girls felt that this was unfair to the whole family,” Deb said. “They know we are a family and want to be legally recognized as one. The girls feel their family should have the same protections and respect as other families.”

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