Meet Pennsylvania Moms: Julie Miller

Julie Miller

This Mother’s Day will be a completely different one for me. I am the doting, proud, grandmother of 4 exquisite, fantastic, brilliant, kids. Last year at this time I had three from my son and daughter-in-law and was awaiting the birth of our fourth. Everything changed when darling Zivah was born to my daughter and her wife.

They had decided to move to Philadelphia from New York to be closer to us, buy a home in West Philly and start a family. They left legal married life in Brooklyn and now, as they return to the state we all call home, they face discrimination and heartache as Pennsylvania doesn’t recognize their legal marriage.

This devoted couple (my daughter-in-law is an inner city emergency room doctor while my daughter is an educator for a non-profit benefitting Philadelphia high school students) had to face daunting obstacles in their relationship as parents and citizens. My daughter-in-law had to jump through legal hoops and adopt her own daughter,file reams of papers to become her legal co-parent. A married couple of the opposite sex have no barriers marring their life as a family. Why should my darling granddaughter not benefit from her loving family?

Her daring parents are now in a lawsuit sponsored by the ACLU challenging DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act. This legal challenge will end an unjust law. Hopefully soon citizens like them will be welcomed into our commonwealth. This Mother’s Day little Zivah is doubly blessed with two mothers to celebrate.

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